Our historic Lviv, known as a city of sleeping lions, went through numerous battles, invasions, fires and floods, and finally it has been rebuilt with a new attractiveness.
People who have visited Lviv often find tremselves drawn back again, almost Throughout its long history the city has been known unde many different names in various times and in different languages. In Ukrainian it is "Lviv", in Latin "Leopolis" in Greek "Leontopolis", in German "Lowenburg" and in Polish "Lwow".
All these worlds have the same root meaning "lion", the king of the animal world, and the image of a lion has always formed an lmportant part of the city’s coat of arms.
Danylo, king of Halychyna and the founder of the city. Inspired Lviv with his royal leadership, being at the same time merciful and generous, severe and stem, and he named it after his son Lev.